Roof and House Washing

House Washing

Roof Cleaning

Instant gratification meets long-term benefits. These are the outcomes customers can expect from a Soap + Water roof cleaning service. We protect your roofing and your curb appeal with our professional roof cleaning solutions.

The Problem with Black Streaks

Black streaks taking their toll on your roof? They might be doing so even more than you think. These stains are actually a form of bacterial fungus that actively eats away at your roofing. Resembling algae in appearance, gloeocapsa magma feats on the limestone compound that is present in most shingles.

The Soap + Water Solution

Soap + Water believes strongly in non-pressure roof cleaning which gently and effectively restores your shingles. Soft washing is a less invasive alternative to power washing. It succeeds in achieving a better caliber of clean without using pressures that can harm your home’s shingles. Soft washing isn’t just the safest method – it’s the best one.

Our process involves:

  • Preparation – We get everything in place to complete the job successfully – situating our ladders safely, safeguarding your landscaping, and inspecting your roof to determine area that will require extra attention.
  • Application of cleaners – Using our non-pressure soft washing equipment, we apply a blend of cleaning detergents designed to kill bacteria, remove buildup, and prevent future growth from happening.
  • Final inspection – A detailed inspection is conducted to ensure your roof looks like new.

House Washing

Soap + Water’s team has the expertise to restore your home’s exterior so you can enjoy your home at its best. We understand that your home is your number one investment.

Never Let Someone Pressure Wash Your House!

High pressure cleaning of vinyl or stucco often ends in damage to your home’s exterior. Our low-pressure detergent wash gets into all the details of your siding to stop algae at the source, leaving your home cleaner for an extended period of time. We are so sure of our quality of work that if you notice any algae return within a year, we will come back and remove it at no charge. There’s a good reason why we received the Angie’s List Super Service Award for the seventh time in 2016.

How We Wash Your House

In order to get your home shining, Soap + Water subscribes to soft washing, a specialized alternative to pressure washing. We combine low water pressure and powerful cleaning solutions to achieve a better clean . . . without triggering harm to your home.

Our detergents are designed to remove algae stains and to stop it at the source. With our mobile soft washing technology, we can:

  • Remove decades of algae and mildew from your siding.
  • Instantly improve your curb appeal.
  • Guarantee your results.
  • Safely clean all your exteriors.

Call Soap + Water today to schedule your home’s roof cleaning and house washing.